Meet The Editor

Caroline Oliver

Since 2000 Caroline Oliver has been involved with Board Leadership—first as a frequent contributor, then as managing editor, and now as editor.

In her practical support to boards as an international consultant specialising in effective governance systems, and in her writing, Caroline is committed to helping boards of all descriptions achieve new levels of clarity and success including strong connections with the shareholders or equivalent who legitimize their existence. 

Her experience spans over thirty years working with boards in the UK, Canada and the USA.  Half of this time has been spent in senior executive and board roles in UK organizations.  The remainder of this time has been spent as an independent governance consultant whose client list includes boards of organizations, large and small, from the non-profit, public and private sectors.

As a writer, Caroline has been very closely involved with the drafting of the new British Standard, BS 13500, Code of Practice for Delivering Effective Governance Of Organisations, which was published in August 2013 and is the author of numerous articles (see and past issues of Board Leadership for examples) and regular contributor to online governance forums. 

Caroline is also the co-author/author of three books on governance.  Her second book, Corporate Boards That Create Value, was co-authored with the creator of Policy Governance® , John Carver, and published in 2002 by Jossey Bass, A Wiley Brand.  Her latest book, Getting Started with Policy Governance – Bringing Purpose, Integrity and Efficiency to Your Board, was published in 2009, also by Jossey Bass, a Wiley Brand.   

Caroline is the current CEO of the International Policy Governance® Association, Chair of the UK Policy Governance® Association and a member of the international Xylem Group partnership which is currently working on developing new approaches to organizational accountability.

Caroline Oliver can be reached at

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